Climate Menu for Adriatic Regions

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The origins

The Climate Menu for Adriatic regions was developed within the framework of the RESPONSe project funded by the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme. RESPONSe aims to strengthen local governance against the effects of climate change and to foster sustainable living in the marine and coastal areas of the Adriatic Region. The goal is to provide local policy-makers and technicians with a ready-to-use tool to face the challenges of climate change.

The core

The Climate Menu for Adriatic regions includes a set of actions that can be undertaken by local policy-makers in different fields to adapt to or mitigate the effects of climate change at local, regional and national level. Each action comes with a dedicated technical sheet describing the objectives, the expected results, the sector of interest, the reference timeframe and the criticalities as well as a sample of related best practices already implemented in similar contexts. 

Why an online platform?

Accessible to everyone

The Climate Menu for Adriatic Regions is easily accessible to everyone who wants to learn more about climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Continuously updated

Through the platform, each registered user has the opportunity to submit new technical sheets and actively contribute to making the tool even more useful.

Zero waste

It is possible to consult the technical sheets directly online, or download them in pdf format, reducing unnecessary paper consumption and waste.

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