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Climate actions

Increase energy efficiency


Less energy needs for the same results.


Measures to reduce the energy consumption and to increase the efficiency of the energy input of a building or an entire city district. Aspects concerned are building density, building type, orientation. At the building level, some relevant aspects are passive solar design, airtight building envelope, high thermal insulation, passive cooling or natural ventilation.

Expected results

Buildings resilience against heat waves and extreme cold.

Result indicators

Percentage of energy saved [%]

Involved actors

Municipality, builders.

Expected timeline for action

  • Short term (1-4 years)


Improper use and maintenance of buildings, lack of know-how of local business of sustainable building, lack of recycled and recycling material nearby.

Scope of the action

  • Adaptation
  • Mitigation

Type of proposed actions

  • Grey

Sector of action

  • Energy
  • Public health
  • Urban settlement
  • Other

Climate impacts

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Other

Implementation scale

  • Association of municipalities
  • Municipality
  • Region / Country

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