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Climate actions

Expand the boundaries of reserves


Protection of ecosystems.


The approach describes choosing areas to establish reserves and protect ecosystems. Traditionally, reserves are defined as natural areas with little to no harvest activity that do not exclude fire management or other natural disturbance processes. Expanding existing reserve boundaries may protect and replicate the diversity within the core of the reserve, but more importantly, may also increase the overall variation in species within the expanded reserve.

Expected results

Increase species diversity.

Result indicators

Number of species preserved.

Involved actors

Governments, natural reserve authority, reserve visitors, national park service.

Expected timeline for action

  • Short term (1-4 years)
  • Medium term (5-10 years)
  • Long term (> 10 years)


High population density; urban demand for charcoal and fuel-wood; population demand for forest resources.

Scope of the action

  • Adaptation

Type of proposed actions

  • Green
  • Soft

Sector of action

  • Agriculture / Forests / Land use
  • Biodiversity / Conservation of ecosystems
  • Public health
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Urban settlement

Climate impacts

  • Change or loss of biodiversity
  • Drought
  • Extreme precipitation
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Salinization and acidification of water
  • Strong winds
  • Other

Implementation scale

  • Association of municipalities
  • Municipality
  • Province
  • Region / Country

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