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Climate actions

Adaptation of the fire management plans


Improve monitoring capacities, prevent fire risks, improve response in case of fire events and rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems and infrastructures.


Fire management plans provide actions for a specific area, aimed at preventing fires, protecting people, property and forests from fire events, and using fire to accomplish forest management and other land-use objectives. Any effective fire management programme must take in consideration the ecology and fire history of the considered area, as well as the knowledge of fire regimes, probable fire effects, values at risk, level of forest protection required, cost of fire-related activities and prescribed fire technology.

Expected results

Promote sustainable forest management practices with potential benefits on sustainable silviculture, agriculture, livestock and watershed management.

Result indicators

Area of protected vegetation [m²]

Involved actors

Governments, international and non-governmental organizations, financial institutions, landowners, land users.

Expected timeline for action

  • Short term (1-4 years)


Lack of available scientific and technical knowledge, but also in relation to the social, economic, and political repercussions associated with the implementation of the different adaptation options.

Scope of the action

  • Adaptation

Type of proposed actions

  • Soft

Sector of action

  • Agriculture / Forests / Land use
  • Biodiversity / Conservation of ecosystems

Climate impacts

  • Drought
  • Extreme temperatures

Implementation scale

  • Municipality
  • Region / Country

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