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Climate actions

Adaptation of drought and water conservation plans


Limit water consumption, reduce loss and waste of water and improve water use efficiency.


To use existing water supplies more efficiently can diminish water demand and minimize environmental impacts and costs associated with developing new supplies. Drought and Water Conservation Plans include guidelines and requirements governing water conservation and drought contingency measures for public water suppliers but also through restrictions on water use, rationing schemes, special water tariffs or the reduction of low value uses.

Expected results

Reduce risk and economic, social and environmental drought impacts.

Result indicators

Volume of saved water [m³]

Involved actors

Various administrative levels (municipal, provincial, regional), irrigation management authorities, landowners, private sector organizations and companies with water interests, local communities.

Expected timeline for action

  • Short term (1-4 years)


Conflict between social, economic, and environmental values when water resources are scarcer.

Scope of the action

  • Adaptation

Type of proposed actions

  • Soft

Sector of action

  • Agriculture / Forests / Land use
  • Urban settlement
  • Water resource management

Climate impacts

  • Drought
  • Other

Implementation scale

  • Municipality
  • Province
  • Region / Country

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